Below is the list of companies who currently have a Kashrus Certificate from the Metropolitan Kashruth Council of Michigan. Mind you, we do not certify every product made by these companies, nor is every version of a product indicated under our supervision. Often, an item is produced in different factories and only one factory will be certified kosher. So if two items look identical but only one has a symbol, don’t chalk that up to a printing error — it likely a very deliberate distinction. The one with no symbol is not kosher! Every consumer must be vigilant to make sure to only purchase items that have our symbol on the package, or that of another reliable Orthodox kashrus agency.

Locally and elsewhere, there is a relatively new issue of Conservative rabbis giving kosher certification. There is no distinguishing a Conservative kosher symbol from an Orthodox and, aside from asking, there is no way to know if your supervising rabbi has a mechitza in his shul or is a shomer shabbos! It is very important for every consumer to investigate and learn who is behind each symbol.

The list is updated regularly so please continue to monitor it for up to date Kashrus information.

Please note that companies on this list may also produce non-kosher products. Make sure our symbol is on a product before you buy.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This page is currently under construction and all the Certificates may not yet be uploaded. If you cannot open a Certificate, please contact us and we will be happy to email you a current certificate!

Please bear with us as we update our on-line certificates!








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